What Does a Kissing Rainbow Mean?


So, you’ve just been at a party, and someone has kissed you. But instead of their usual peck, they turned their head to the side and gave you a big kiss on your mouth. That’s called a “rainbow kiss,” but have you ever wondered what it means? Well, let me tell you: It doesn’t mean anything! The rainbow kiss is not a real thing. This myth originated from an urban legend about the movie “Eclipse.” And it has nothing to do with GLBTQ people or sexuality—it’s an urban legend with no basis (and I promise).

A rainbow kiss is a type of kiss that reportedly occurs.

A rainbow kiss is a type of kiss that reportedly occurs at the end of a rainbow. It is a kiss shared between two people who love each other and are in love. The appearance of this type of kiss has been noted by those who believe in its existence, but it remains a controversial topic among historians due to the lack of evidence to support these claims.

While some argue that rainbows and their associated kisses are purely mythical, others continue to insist on their existence based on personal experience or eyewitness accounts from individuals close to them who claim to have seen them firsthand.

The rainbow kiss is not a real thing.

The rainbow kiss is not a real thing. It’s a myth, an urban legend, an internet hoax, and fiction—not a natural phenomenon. The rainbow kiss is also not a real thing you can do in public or anywhere else. So don’t be fooled by this viral video of someone kissing the sky to make rainbows; it’s just another silly YouTube prank by Dude Perfect that has nothing to do with actual rainbows or unicorn culture!

The only way you can experience anything close to what the Rainbow Kiss looks like is if you take LSD or if there are street drugs involved while doing so (or both). In other words: don’t try this at home unless you want your face melted off by acid raindrops coming down from above while high as balls on narcotics!

a rainbow kiss

But it was portrayed in “Eclipse,” the third movie in the “Twilight” series.

If you watched “Eclipse,” the third movie in the “Twilight” series, you may have wondered what it would be like for Bella and Edward to kiss. Well, we can tell you: It’s not very romantic Dating ! It’s more like this:

  • Edward winks at Bella from across the room.
  • He walks up to her and leans in close.
  • His face gets close to hers…and then he stops moving! He stands there staring at her with his mouth open wide enough that his jaw might fall off any second now if he doesn’t stop looking so goofy-looking (which isn’t helping much because now all I’m thinking about is how funny it would be if someone’s jaw did fall off).

That’s where this legend originated.

The rainbow kiss was portrayed in the 2010 movie “Eclipse,” which is part of the Twilight series. But it’s not real. Instead, it’s an urban legend that has nothing to do with GLBTQ people or sexuality.

The story goes that if two people who love each other passionately make out while standing under a rainbow, they will be together forever, and their relationship will never end. This legend was create because some people think that rainbows represent God’s promise to Noah after Noah survived the flood The Bible. According to the Bible, God promised Noah he would never destroy this world again by flooding it (Genesis 9:12). Rainbows are usually seen as good omens or signs from God because of this interpretation of The Bible story about Noah surviving The Flood.

The rainbow kiss has nothing to do with GLBTQ people or sexuality. It’s an urban legend with no basis.

A rainbow kiss is the name of a fictional kiss that has nothing to do with GLBTQ people or sexuality. It’s an urban legend with no basis, but it was invent on Reddit and spread like wildfire throughout social media. The idea behind it is pretty simple: if you want to make sure your relationship lasts forever, you should kiss your partner while facing them and looking into their eyes while gently holding both sides of their face with your hands wrapped around their head for five seconds (this number can vary).

According to the myth, this particular type of kiss creates a rainbow around both participants’ heads which will remain there until they die; whenever they see each other again (after death), they can use that same magic power—the rainbow—to come back as teenagers (also known as pixies).

Rainbow kissing is not natural, but it was portray in Twilight.

Rainbow kissing is not natural, but it was portrayed in Twilight. Kissing is an urban legend that has nothing to do with sexuality or homosexuality. The rainbow kiss occurs when two people look at the sun and kiss through their fingers. As they block out parts of the sun so they can see a rainbow in the sky. The pair then kiss on the lips while looking at each other through. Their fingers and blocking out different sections of their faces so they can see a rainbow on their lover’s face. Since this isn’t possible, many people are skeptical. That this exists and believe it to be just an urban legend.


As we said, the rainbow kiss is not accurate. But it was portray in Twilight, which means that many people think it’s a real thing. We hope this article has helped you understand what rainbow kissing means and why it’s not real! So what should be done about this? If you don’t like hearing about fake kisses that aren’t real. Then maybe ignore them or stop watching movies with them (like we said earlier). Or perhaps tell everyone you know who thinks rainbow kissing is natural that they’re wrong!

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