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In today’s digital age, online dating has become an increasingly popular way to meet new people and find romantic partners. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right platform. OkCupid.com is one of the most popular dating websites that offer a unique approach to finding a partner based on compatibility. In this article, we will explore what OkCupid com is all about and how it can help you find the love you’re looking for.

What is OkCupid.com?

OkCupid.com is an Online Dating platform that was founded in 2004. It is unique in that it uses a series of questions to match users based on compatibility. This means that instead of simply swiping through photos of potential partners, users are asked to answer a series of questions about their preferences, beliefs, and values. OkCupid.com then uses an algorithm to match users with people who share similar answers to these questions.

How Does OkCupid.com Work?

To get started on OkCupid.com, users must create a profile and answer a series of questions about themselves. These questions cover a wide range of topics, from personal preferences to political beliefs. Once the questions have been answered, the algorithm will use this information to match users with potential partners. Users can then browse through their matches and send messages to people they are interested in.

One of the unique features of OkCupid.com is the ability to filter matches based on specific criteria. For example, users can filter matches by location, age, and even specific answers to the compatibility questions. This makes it easier to find potential partners who share similar values and interests.

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What Makes OkCupid.com Different From Other Dating Websites?

What sets OkCupid.com apart from other dating websites is its focus on compatibility. While other dating apps rely heavily on photos and swiping, OkCupid com takes a more in-depth approach. By asking users to answer a series of questions, OkCupid.com can match people based on compatibility rather than just physical attraction.

Another unique feature of OkCupid.com is the ability to see how a potential partner answered specific questions. This can be helpful when deciding whether to pursue a connection with someone. For example, if a user places a high value on environmentalism, they can see if a potential partner shares this value.


Overall, OkCupid.com is a unique and effective way to find a romantic partner online. By focusing on compatibility, users can feel more confident that they are connecting with people who share their values and interests. Whether you’re looking for a casual fling or a long-term relationship, OkCupid.com can help you find what you’re looking for. Give it a try and see for yourself why it’s one of the most popular dating websites out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OkCupid.com?

How do I create an account on OkCupid.com?

What kind of membership options are available on OkCupid.com?

OkCupid.com offers two different membership options: free and premium. The free membership option allows users to create a profile, search for other members, and send messages to other users. However, free members are limited in terms of the number of messages they can send and the features they can access. Premium members have access to all of the site's features, including advanced search filters, message read receipts, and an ad-free experience. The three most important pieces of information about OkCupid.com's membership options are: There are two membership options: free and premium. Free members can create a profile, search for other members, and send messages to other users. Premium members have access to all of the site's features, including advanced search filters, message read receipts, and an ad-free experience.

Is OkCupid.com safe to use?

OkCupid.com takes the safety and security of its users very seriously. The site uses a range of security measures to protect user information, including SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and manual profile verification. Additionally, the site provides tips and advice to users on how to stay safe when using online dating sites. The three most important pieces of information about OkCupid.com's safety and security measures are: The site uses SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and manual profile verification to protect user information. OkCupid.com provides tips and advice to users on how to stay safe when using online dating sites.


When you are utilizing this portal. It is a suggestion that you never share your information with any random people until and unless you are comfortable. Sometimes it happens that people utilize your information on their own, and in the end, you consider the portal to be responsible for the same. Therefore, if you don’t want yourself to be part of such a situation, always share your personal details with people whom you can trust easily. If you notice any difficulty or feel like the other person is behaving unknowingly with you. Then just report the same to the help center so that they can remove the profile forever.

Overall, it is right to conclude that OkCupid.com is one of the best portals available for all the users out there who are looking for someone who can understand them in their hard times. There will be no problems after using this online dating portal. The developers have paid attention to the interface of the portal as well. So you will not face any difficulty in breathing through the profiles. If this is happening, then don’t worry, because sometimes this happens due to device incompatibility. Update the software of your device and be ready to browse through this wonderful portal to find out the love of your life. Make your profile and start browsing!

Website: www OkCupid com

Phone Number: +1-214-853-4309

Address: 39 W 14th St Ste 502,
New York NY, 10011

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NEVER subscribe to this site

NEVER subscribe to this site, you will be inundated with chat requests from beautiful women whose only purpose is to string you on requiring you to continually purchase coins to respond. Over 10 emails to customer support have gotten 0 responses. Total scammers

The biggest a scam dating site

The biggest a scam dating site. Don’t sign up you will waste your money

I cant login anymore on OKCupid.com

I cant login anymore, the system asks for sms verification but it says the phone is already connected to another account, tried with the customer service but they suddenly stopped any communication, after a first ‘we will investigate’ they just don’t answer to me, several days have passed since that.

OKCupid Absoultely awful app

The app/website has dropped off significantly since they removed the search/filter options! I am childfree and the match system always matches me with women who want children! Absoultely awful app/website but others aren’t much better either.

OKCupid.com is Scam

Despite being a guy who, as my match settings made clear, would happily date someone like Blaire White, I was banned for not being woke enough. It seems they’ve been banning anyone who is so much as half a degree to the right of the political spectrum, even though they provided the opportunity to select your political persuasion in your profile. Maybe this was their way of weeding us out?

OKCupid obviously not safe

It’s obviously not safe because the site is being hacked regularly. Then, they tend to overcharge and sometimes ban you for no reason. I joined AdultsFun.club – they treat their customers way better and – I should have put this first – they have real people’s profiles: women respond to my messages, chat and contact information requests. Instead of getting rid of fake profiles , OkCupid prefer to ban their paying members – it’s not a site, it’s a bad joke!

OKCupid closed my profile

They closed my profile for NO obvious reason ! I asked them for explanations and evidences and they just ignored me ! That imbecile behavior of OKC is totally unacceptable and these people should get punishment and penalties for their arbitrary and offensive actions ! Moreover, when in the past I pointed out to them that they deteriorate the site and they did wrong alterations to it, they also didn’t pay any attention to my suggestions !

OKCupid.com was terrible

Targeting very small % of population, accent on poly and radical liberals, if you are over 30, apolitical, not ready to engage or discuss all that sex and porn “positivity”, and not from megaliberal western countries and respect some traditional values, you will be mocked and called names for not being a sjw or a feminist, or redusing refusing engage in all that wokeness, most likely you will be shocked by desperate angry liberals on there. This app is developed and dominated by the most degraded part of society, do if you have at least minimal self respect and looking for mentally healthy people just skip it

OKCupid is Fraud

I keep getting mutual likes and I haven’t liked them. So I put this to the test and started deleting people from my liked that I haven’t liked and when I looked back there’s loads more there that I haven’t liked. Its a con. You get a match but its not a match as they just add them to my liked box. Its actually a bit worrying as I don’t add sex mad non monogamous hookups way younger than me but they are in my liked box. This is a bit worrying. Steer clear. If anyone knows of a genuine site let me know.

Don't waste your money

Lots of messages but all refuse to video chat. They Can not even use proper English. It’s obvious that English is a second Language. Fake Fake Fake. Don’t waste your money, it’s a scam. College educated Professionals born in U S A and can not even speak proper English. Its hard to tell if they are freelance scammers or working for the site. One thing is for sure, they are not who they say they are if they won’t show their Face. Don’t waste your money.

OKCupid is not monitored properly

Majority of the Profiles are FAkE and scammer, its Catfishing and beautiful girls stolen pictures are used as clickbait to lure males and once the conversation started,they will try to persuade you in investing or send them cash due to some emergencies. The site is not monitored properly nor they are bothered to see why profiles registered in London have Hong Kong,Nigerian or Chinese nrs. Unmonitored site with very dangerous potential.

No response on OKCupid.com

I’ve yet again had my profile banned because of malicious, false reporting and I paid for premium. I asked if they could at least refund me that as I have NOT violated any of their guidelines. No response. Absolutely shocking that they get away with doing this! Scammers.

Lots and lots scammers on OKCupid

Full of either folks after a tinder-match (fine I guess if you are a 20/30s Brad Pitt?) and lots and lots scammers – people saying they are from other countries, wanting money, wanting overseas relationships, etc

There are so many fakes

There are real profiles, you can connect with real people. The problem is there are so many fakes, it’s really becoming a pain. There are 100 fake “smiles” for every one, the garbage just clogs your in-box.

STAY AWAY from this one

I did a little research before I started and it seemed good so I enrolled for a six month membership. Almost all of the matches have been geographically way too far away. Then every time I tried to see something my Malware warned me site blocked due to Spam and my Windows warns me it is not a secure connection. STAY AWAY from this one.

This site is a huge scam

This site is a huge scam. Do not sign up. Since signing up for a paid membership, I have gotten a malware virus on my computer. I called their IT help desk for support and was told I would need to pay them $149 to take a look and it may cost more for them to remove the Trojan. I told them to refund my membership immediately. They said it was my problem. The company is located in Berlin Germany and they say you can’t sue them… well, I have notified my CC company and am getting a refund and also blocked them from their automatic renewal. Never again.

Absolutely terrible.

Absolutely terrible. The app doesn’t work and there are barely any people on the site. Requested to cancel and get a refund a day after signing up. Has anyone successfully received a refund yet?

Absolutely rubbish!!!

Absolutely rubbish!!! Supposed to be for professional/academic people – what a joke. They take 6 months subscription in one go and you can’t search for people – you just get a couple of (massively unsuitable people) sent to you every few days. Don’t waste your money.

Stay away

Stay away. They are dirty rotten company with no morals or ethics that obviously have slave labor deceiving customers! BIG FAT WARNING!!!!

Lot of scammers

Lot of scammers. Including them… many charges not justified. Hard to understand thier cancelation and how to add services. They trick you with wording.

Be very careful

I would give this zero stars if I could. First of all why are you not allowed to hide your location? As a woman especially this makes you extremely vulnerable to creepy men who think it’s a good idea to hunt you down. ( Yes we’re living in the real world after all, not fairytale world ) second of all why can I not log into my account anywhere?! There is no log in anywhere to be found on any website. All I want to do is to delete my account since I’m being inundated by creepy men I never ever want to sleep with and who are disgusting predators and a danger to all poor ladies out there. I’m very upset to still have my profile on there, and I can’t find a way to delete it or log on into this account anymore. Ladies! Please be warned there’s so many narcs on this app and men who have severe issues ( groomers into pedophilia, serial cheaters and exploiters and users. Be very careful. I would like my profile deleted now please.

Horrendous account

Horrendous account 1lst 1 I have paid for, no responses on the 1s you match with either web bate or a site that doesn’t know how to behave in a professional manner!!!!

Don't use them

Don’t use them – you can’t trust them

This site is FULL of scammers

This site is FULL of scammers and scammers. I can’t even count how many scam messages I have received. The only reason I haven’t deleted my account yet is because I undertake to report every scam / fraud message I receive.

It was ok

It was ok most of the guys are fake. Not what they say they are but thatbisbwirh any dating site. Metbsome men thatvwrre real over this dating on line crap

Met someone I like

Well I did go on 4 dates and met someone I like and now the process is too much for me to afford. And I may be moving across the country in 3 months anyway.

The site is a total waste of money.

The site is a total waste of money.

They are Fraudulent and scam you.

Save your money and time. They are Fraudulent and scam you.


Terrible, in all that matters, go free sites, much better.

Do not waste your money

Do not waste your money like I did. You get fake profiles emailing you but they do not exist. Do not waste your money, this is a scammers haven. I paid for 6 months like the bloody idiot I am, and within 3 days I regretted it. Do not waste your time and money !!!

Easy to navigate

It absolutely looks like a good dating site. Easy to navigate, nice and clean interface and it is mostly cheap . Looks like a nice alternative .

So grateful

I took their personality test and the results were phenominal! I was able to find a match quickly. My new boyfriend and I are so grateful for this site.

Positive experience

I don’t like dating web sites but this website help me find the love of my life. I did have to block some of the users because of the nature of their requests but other than that it was a positive experience

I am very happy with this site

I am very happy with this site therefore I always return there if I have been away so I can definitely recommend the site.

Very interesting experience

I have to say that it was a very interesting experience as I had the opportunity to meet some real people with a very tiny percentage of weirdos and time wasters.

High level of service

This site has a very high level of service and a ton of nice girls. I love that I can chat with the women, giving me a much better opportunity to get to know them.

I had a good experience

I had a good experience.I met a nice lady and we’ve already went out on a date and we had a great time so I’m very happy with my experience on this site I recommend it to anyone

I definitely would not recommend!

I definitely would not recommend!

Greatest experience

Did not know what I was looking for at first and canceled a couple of times, then when i decided to try a little longer, I met nice girl and we have had the greatest experience of getting to know one another. She is like no other woman I have met.

It's a great site but too expensive

It’s a great site but too expensive to And there’s a lot of nice women on there I found my only truly love that I will spend my life with and i thanks to this site for For a lot of great experience on there

It is not a classic dating website

It is not a classic dating website, but a service that helps people to find a partner for a particular trip. When traveling and having plenty of extreme conditions, the personality is seen better. A trip is an easy method to check the chosen partner for morality and life values.

That is priceless

When you see someone, and you feel like she is the one, and you don’t want to see anymore even if you just begin your subscription and you feel that cancelling is the right thing to do….that is priceless.

It sucks!

Men on here, are very shallow. They are all looking for a skinny pretty model type. They are rude and disrespectful. Don’t use this site. It sucks!

I really like this app

I really like this app and it really works and I had a very good time on here and there are many different things to do with this app

A rubbish site.

A rubbish site. I complained to them that it was virtually impossible to pay via their German (debt collection process). No one speaks English. After months of trying I asked whether they would renew the membership from ther date that it was paid rather than the debt payment date requested. Response was that thy would renew it from the payment date only to find that they in effect back dated it and requested a further six months payment on top.
Stay well way They are RUBBISH AND SCAMMERS.

Beyond awful!

Beyond awful! Nothing elite about any aspect… Website, app or service! Impossible to cancel subscription or contact customer services

This is the worst online dating site I've used

This is the worst online dating site I’ve used. Doesn’t really allow you to search with differing criteria, never once has a ” Smart Match” responded to me. The matches also seem a little too good to be true and these factors both lead me to believe they are bogus profiles. The carousel feature allows you to flip thru pics but does not allow you to read the profile so you really are just judging by the person’s primary photo. Once you both say you are interested in each other ( or is it the computer program?) you are supposed to spend coins to open the match. again, no one has ever done opened the match and when I have there is always some incompatibility in features I have deselected like smoker, never married. The guys I have communicated with all agree this site sucks. Also, there is a feature which tells you how popular you are- guess what? its always set on low and you can ” buy” an increase in popularity. This site seems like it was designed by bullying middle schoolers.

Fraud Site

they keep charging me even though I only accepted the terms for one month. I’m going to file a complaint with paypal and the BBB.

Site uses profiles that are old.

Site uses profiles that are old… a man that I met from Okcupid.com almost 7 years ago… passed away 3 years ago… and his picture still appears in carousel…. sad… and disturbing that they show users that have not been active for years… scam for sure!

Don't waste Time

Don’t waste Time

Okcupid.com is worst dating site

Worst dating site I have ever tried. I was on the site for merely 2 days and i kept getting this “internal error” even though I was using the correct name and password. I emailed customer service and never got a reply back. Through research, I discovered OKcupid is notorious for doing this to a lot of people. Even though I did not once violate the terms of service, and not one of my photos was provocative in any manner. (they were just of my face). The research told me my account was deleted, and email was banned. No body knows why they do this to people. Worst customer service.

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