The Small Details That Men Notice in Women

Contrary to what women think, Men Notice in Women look more than the external image . There are details you don’t think about that attract them or become attached to them. It can be little things that don’t matter to you, but mean a lot to them. In fact, men are more interested in a woman’s happiness than the shape of her bottom

The Details They Notice About The Physique

It is true that men first look at your appearance. They are like you, they pay attention to SharekAlomre small and big details. Needless to deny, you also look first at  the shape, build, way of dressing… in a man. A man does exactly the same thing, he notices first:

Your size

From the first approach , a man can estimate a woman’s size . Besides, each man has his own taste and preferences. Some prefer taller women, others prefer dating a shorter woman. There are also those who prefer women who are about the same size as them.

Why do men care about it? In fact, some men take the slightest interest in it, while others take it seriously. In general, if a man is short and lacks self-confidence , he will make up for it by dating a taller girl. This can be explained by the fact that they are often perceived as being more: assertive, independent, intelligent and ambitious.

As for smaller women, they are mostly considered to be more welcoming, caring and maternal. They are the women to be married, more capable of being good mothers. Thus, men who find tall women too imposing prefer to turn to smaller ones.

On this point, it is then impossible to change anything. Unless you’re petite, you can get noticed by wearing high heels.

The Small Details That Men Notice in Women

Your form

45% of men like curvy women, while 34% prefer slimmer ones . It’s not really the weight that interests them, it’s mainly the distribution of fat. A man mostly looks at a woman from the shoulders to the waist, then from the waist to the hip.

Whether the woman is thin or round, they especially look at whether: the woman has more generous breasts, a marked waist or well-rounded buttocks. It is especially the curve of the hips that makes them capsize.

The reasons that can push them in their preferences are quite varied. There are those who truly love and those who are fetishists, bordering on perverse. That said, the type of man who especially likes curvy or slim does not exist. All men are different and it is difficult to divide them from this.

Your face Men Notice in Women

Although beauty is relative, some preferences have still been deciphered by science. Here are the particular traits that attract men in general

The childish face  : this is the chubby face with plump features, large eyes, a turned-up nose and full lips. Most men are subconsciously attracted to this type of face.

Well – shaped eyebrows  : men prefer thick (but not too thick) and above all well-shaped eyebrows. They like them placed higher so the eyes stick out more.

The forehead  not too high  : a forehead is considered perfect when it occupies a third of the height of the face. Do not panic, if you have an imposing forehead, you can always hide it by wearing bangs. As for the small forehead, you will have to cheat on the make-up and create an optical illusion.

Plump lips  : according to a recent study, half of men spend their time admiring the lips of their partners. They find women with luscious lips more beautiful and desirable .

Small ears  : indeed, men find women with small ears more beautiful than those with large ears. If you have big ears, just hide them behind your hair.

Smooth skin  : a man can perceive pimples thousands of miles away. For him, a woman who has pimples is negligent. Especially since smooth and toned skin is synonymous with youth and good health.


Men love women who take care of them, they examine every detail of your face. If you wear makeup, it means you take care of yourself. They certainly prefer a natural woman, without make-up , but a rather light make-up also pleases them. They hate superficial women who wear multiple layers of makeup.

By observing a woman’s routine, the man can make an inference about his schedule for the day. If she’s wearing makeup, it’s because she’s going out with friends or as a couple, or even attending an important event.

Your look Men Notice in Women

The eyes generally reflect a person’s emotions . By looking a woman in the eye, a man can somehow read her mind. By looking , he can tell if she is an open or closed person. It is from there that he decides to come and approach her or not.

The gaze reveals if a person is joyful, severe, shy , sympathetic… It also shows if they are disappointed, moved, happy, angry…

Your smile

Men love the bright, white smile of movie stars. They notice quite quickly when a woman has white teeth or if they are less so.

Know all the same that a simple smile can have an effect on them . All men admit to cracking up before the illuminating face of a woman.

It shows in a woman’s smile that she is truly in love with her man . This smile, you can do it without realising it. While the man notices it very easily and he is able to accomplish everything so that you keep that beautiful smile.

The style Men Notice in Women

When a man admires a woman, he looks at her from head to toe. If you’re wearing high heels, he’ll take a look at them first, then work his way up to see how your dress style is

It is through your clothing taste that he will get an idea of ​​your personality. Dating If you plan to seduce a man, then you must avoid overdoing it or neglecting your appearance too much.

Little importance to the brand or the price of the clothes or accessories. He especially notices the style, the sensuality, the direction and the choice according to the situation or the place .

He can read the way you dress whether you’re interested or not. Indeed, if you show up to a meeting well dressed, made up and hair done, he will deduce that he certainly likes you.

Apart from that , your look also lets him know if you have enough confidence in yourself . A woman who is comfortable and does not try to impress others is more attractive. Women who feel good about themselves are then more likely to attract men .

Manicure and Nail Salon – Men Notice in Women

Men attach great importance to very small details, such as nails. The majority of men admit to hating long nails and especially fake nails . They find them vulgar, ugly and too artificial for their taste.

On the other hand, nail polish is less troublesome, they especially appreciate red colours, such as bright red or burgundy . The natural and the “French manicure” are also less awkward options for them

Beyond Appearance, What are They Looking at?

Appearance is what a man notices first in a woman, but it still remains incomplete for him to decide whether to like her or not. There are certain little things that push them to be more interested and others that push them away.

Here are these other points that men notice in women:

food intake

They like to know if a woman eats a lot of meat or not. Still, most women prefer to order a salad on dates to avoid coming across as a foodie. It’s also a way to show that she takes care of her figure and her health.

What men notice in this gesture is completely the opposite. They see in the woman who orders a salad, a shy and embarrassed woman . He is then less attracted to this type of woman. They are more comfortable with those who are more relaxed and don’t hesitate to order chicken or steak.

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In truth, men don’t want you to eat only fatty dishes. They especially expect you to order dishes that make you want instead of a plate of salad .

The Choice of Drink – Men Notice in Women

You may not even know what your favourite drink is, you love so many of them. A man can tell right away because he’s very careful about your choices and preferences . In case you hesitate, your man can order it for you.

Men also know which drink the woman prefers depending on her mood . They learn it so they can impress and know what to order next. They know that white wine goes with seafood and that gin and tonic is ordered between girlfriends. As for the red wine, it passes especially during the period of stress…


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