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Love is All You Need – Power of Love

No man is an island, said John Donne – and this rings true for all of us. Whether one wants to admit it or not. With the shifting sensibilities of the day and age, life has picked up the pace. We have become much more ambition-driven individually and for many of us. Finding success in life becomes all about getting a foothold on a well-established, stable career that will earn us plaudits first, bread second. And in this pursuit, naturally, social needs take a backseat for us – including taking our time to savor the beautiful power of love by

And when we are finally at a place where we think we can afford the luxury that is finding the power of love. It becomes hard. It seems almost impossible – 7 billion people across the span of the earth, and yet it seems so impossible to find a single person who rings compatible with you.

Can’t Buy Me, Love

But let us declare on the outset that there is absolutely no reason to despair and think it impossible. It is true that many. If not everyone, struggle for a good decade or so trying to find the right person. Some get lucky enough to find their better halves as the inexplicable weaves of time and fate bring them to the right person when they are least expecting it. And to be sure, the opposite is also true – some people never seem to find the power of love, and never do. And this is what we are here to talk about. The reason why you do not seem to get anyone who you could figure yourself with in the future does not have anything to do with your personality or your life choices, even, and instead stems from a very practical and extraneous reason.

Power of Love – What Is This One Big Reason? 

In days of yore, and we mean days before the internet. Or even before any form of mass media existed. The prevailing value system and society was a community-based one. You could argue that meritocracy has been there as an established front of idealism since the Napoleonic ages. And even before this was an unwritten undercurrent that almost all societies followed, but the age of individualism truly started only when this feeling of belonging to a community where everyone knows everyone started to break down.

…And The One Big Problem? 

In those days, you would not need to actively go out of the natural flow of your life seeking out your partner, whether man or woman – you would find them at banquets or village gatherings which were organized, in a way, solely to make the scope of courtships available. Now, this is no longer the case – and people find the power of love at younger ages only in their educational institutions like high school onwards to universities.

And this ties back to our first point – if you are busy with your career at this point, or your long liaisons with your early adolescence power of love does not work out in the long run, you are left successful, but single, with very little availability of social scope for meeting new women other than your colleagues, let alone the passage of courtship – given that you do not have time for clubbing, or even like going to the club.

The Solution!  – Power of Love

And this is where online dating websites come in. We have so far talked about demerits of how the standard life goes on in modern society, leaving out little regular social scope outside of clubbing, which leaves many of us going through the pangs of singlehood. But the solution is also the merit of this age. Thanks to the internet, you can find the power of love anywhere you want in the world, literally speaking. Online dating sites are no longer exactly a novelty in 2018 – we are sure you must have heard of at least a couple of these sites and apps.

Why AnastasiaDate?

Anastasia Date does not differ in a major way from the structural formula of how these sites work. But where we are unique is our simplicity. We truly believe in the virtue of love, that it can heal all wounds. We only want to see it bloom and let you create your own love story.

While many of the bigger and more commercialized dating sites and apps will bombard you with payment prompts, adware, and even go the extra mile with pop-up window ads, we beg to differ. is not another cash-grab victory lap, but we are committed to a business policy that values the idea of love as a thing to be revered first and foremost. So no more paywalls, no more intrusive ad banners, and ‘premiere membership pop-ups’ – just come to our site, sign up for free. And get the ball rolling in the court as we give you our heartfelt wish of luck on your journey!

How to AnastasiaDate: The 101 of Online Dating

If this is your first time in the sphere of online dating: relax, this is not rocket science. All you have to do is basically go over to and create your own profile. So that your potential partner knows what you look like, who you are, and what your interest includes. Do not worry, we collect only relevant data and your information. And privacy will be protected by our strict security measures.

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You can search for attractive people all over the world with our advanced filter-based searching tool. That will find you your man/woman from your preferred age range, country of origin, and hobbies and interests. We also have our own in-house video chat system with CamShare. If you are feeling particularly chatty and want someone to talk to even in the dead of night. We also have you covered with our online Ladies. Who you can video chat with from the get-go for a very small sum.

So if you just can’t seem to find the power of love anywhere, try today, where your love will find you!

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