DateMyAge is a total FRAUD

The dating site DateMyAge is a total FRAUD, I met fake members who are the partners in robbery with the scam site administration, together they ripped me off $25 within only 18 hours. After I did a search for members in Thailand because I wanted to retire there, 2 men in Bangkok messaged me. One of them, Hong, purportedly a chef in Bangkok, bombarded me with emails and chat messages. I could not resist the temptation and bought $25 credit to chat with him. Strange thing is he was always online in the same day time with me, and kept writing emails and chat messages, but in Thailand it’s their night time. Since I always stay up late in night, I found when it’s day time in Thailand, he was always offline. Every day the same. It means he actually is located not in Thailand but here in my time zone. I asked him if he needed to work as a chef day time, he would not answer me. He always dodged my questions about his personal life, but talking about he is always traveling in Europe, he would take me there. I gave him my email address, but he said he would get to know each other better before go email. Now I was sure he is a total fake, an agent of this site. And then another purportedly Thailand guy at first marked himself in Bangkok, later changed it to New York, probably realized that he was writing to me only in my daytime. Finally a very handsome, purportedly Arab man in a Arabic country contacted me, and he was also only active in my dame time zone…I chatted with these three guys and suddenly found my 50 credits had become 25 within few hours. Then next session I only sent 2 chat messages, the chat messages were supposed to cost 1 credit only, but my 20 credits were gone, only 5 credits left. Then the last time I logged in, I did not send any message, but my 5 credits were all gone. So within less than 24 hours, all my $25 was gone. I contacted the site, they said I chatted live on video with Hong, but I only sent chat messages, never went on live chat with anyone. The site gave me back the 5 credits. But I never used that 5 credits, because by now I am quite sure all this site is a TOTAL FRAUD, and they would rob me off my last penny just by logging in. I wonder if there is any action I can take to get my money back? Too bad I didn’t read any review when I bought the credits.

Update on October 26: Even the complaint process is a fraud at DateMyAge. They say if any member is fake, we give you money back. However, when I tried to fill out the complaint form, found I need the member IDs for the fake members, but those members’ ID could not be found on their profiles. I asked the DateMyAge support team 3 times where I can find their ID, no response. So my compliant can’t be filed and I will never get my money back. It’s a total fraud, not only members, but the dating site itself, are a total fraud. Through this fraud they are robbing your money people.

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