Love Letters to Write to a Boyfriend

Love Letters to Write to a Boyfriend. Nothing quite says “I love you” like love letters. Write to a boyfriend a beautiful love letter – and you just might make him fall more deeply in love with you than he already is! Think love letters are too mushy (and therefore unappreciated) by most men? Think again: in my experience, even some of the toughest-acting guys I have known melted like butter after receiving love letters that follow my simple recipe.

If you are interested in writing love letters to your boyfriend, you might be feeling a bit intimidated by the whole thing. After all, writing is hard, right? Well, not necessarily. If you follow these 5 simple steps you can’t go wrong, and your boyfriend will like putty in your hands:

Follow these 5 Simple Steps – Love Letters to Write to a Boyfriend

1. Get into the right mood:

As any writer will tell you, what we write is greatly affected by our mood and our surroundings. To write a successful love letter to your boyfriend, start by getting your head and heart in the right place. Do whatever it takes to get yourself into a mellow, giving mood. Some of the things I do to get into the romantic writing mood include: putting on soft music, lighting incense, taking a warm bath, or even dressing in my favorite lingerie or negligee before sitting down to write. By doing these things, a subtle transformation comes over me and I am in the right place, mentally and physically, to write a love letter to my boyfriend.

2. Use beautiful stationery: Love Letters to Write to a Boyfriend

A few words about the writing medium you choose. First -and hopefully this goes without saying – be sure to refrain from e-mailing or texting your love letter to your boyfriend! For some things in life, the formal path is the better option – and writing love letters is one of those things. Nothing says “I didn’t care enough to send the very best” than does an e-mailed love letter!

Second, make sure you choose beautiful stationery for your romantic literary creation. Soft whites are my favorite. Be sure to avoid flashy or gaudy colors. And, I suggest using black ink (brown ink is a close second). Since good stationery can be pricey, be sure to practice writing out your letter on scrap paper until you are satisfied with the words you have chosen. Then, write it out onto your good stationery when you think you are ready to create the final draft.

3. Make it substantive with good content:

Okay, now the tough part – the content. What should you write about? I suggest choosing a specific, simple theme and then sticking to it throughout your letter. Example themes include: recalling how you felt when the two of you first met, and, colorfully recounting a special dinner you had together.

Unless you truly excel at poetry, I suggest avoiding writing your own poems. Feel free to include part of a favorite love poem, but don’t make that the main substance of your love letter to your boyfriend. Rather, stick to your main theme (see above) and write just a few paragraphs. Focus primarily on how you feel and how he makes you feel. Tell him how romantic he makes you feel, and relate those feelings back to your theme.

4. Use flowery language: Love Letters to Write to a Boyfriend

Even you are likely not a poet or a professional romance writer; this doesn’t mean you should avoid poetic-sounding language. Have a little fun with your letter. Sprinkle flowery-sounding phrases like “our love,” “your scent,” “deep feelings,” and “true to you” here and there in your letter. He will be impressed, and these words will add to the overall ambiance of your letter.

5. Re-write your letter a few times before sending:

Your love letter will not be perfect on the first try. In fact, you may end up writing your letter five or more times before it sounds right (see my suggestion above about using scrap paper). Hint: between each version, let your letter sit for a few hours or days and then re-read it. When you do, any particularly awkward phrases will jump out at you – those phrases should be the first to go. After a few re-writes, your letter should improve significantly.

Once you have completed your love letter to your boyfriend, it is time to send it off. If he already loves you, he will love you even more for the gesture. If he had doubted the depth of your feelings for him, your letter should help remove that doubt. A well-written, thoughtful love letter can help strengthen any Relationship, and it can bring the two of you closer than ever.

Love Letters to Write to a Boyfriend

Love Letters to Boyfriends – 5 Themes

Writing a love letter to boyfriends can be a great way to strengthen your relationship through the expression of your love and affection. But, when it comes to putting pen to paper, most of us get immediate writer’s block. After all, it’s not easy to express your deepest feelings on paper to the one you care about most!

The biggest source of love letter writer’s block is, of course, deciding what exactly you will write about. To help ease your frustration and catapult you right past your writer’s block, I have put together 5 sure-fire themes to use as the basis for your love letter to him. So, choose one of these themes, spend a bit of time putting your thoughts down on paper, and you can’t go wrong: he will be putty in your hands.

Here are the 5 themes to choose from for your love letters:

1. I can’t live without you

The “I can’t live without you” letter needs to be approached in a subtle and sophisticated way. After all, you definitely want to avoid coming across as being too clingy or needy – for this is an immediate turn-off for 99% of men. However, I have never met a man that didn’t like to feel that he was needed – even very much needed.

To write a letter with this theme, you may not ever end up writing the words “I can’t live without you.” Rather, the message will come across more subtly by the way you write the letter. Focus your message on all of the ways you mean something to him and how important a part of your life he has become. Tell him that you don’t know what you would do if he were ever to be out of your life. Hint: throw in a dash of independent-sounding phrases now and again, just to avoid the needy-clingy vibe.

2. You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me

This is similar to the above theme, but with more of a focus on him than you. All men (all people, for that matter) love to hear how wonderful they are. Your man is no exception. So, start by thinking of the 2 or 3 most appealing and admirable (or attractive) things about your boyfriend. Then, write about those qualities, commenting on how lucky you feel to have found those qualities in him. A letter written with this theme is sure to strike a positive chord in his heartstrings.

3. I find you extremely attractive – Love Letters to Write to a Boyfriend

For this theme to work, your comments need to remain genuine. So, for example, if your boyfriend is only mildly handsome or even rather plain-looking, then focus your attention on the attractiveness of one of his other features – like his powerful arms or his strong hands. Keep your compliments honest and they will resonate all the more with him.

4. You have changed my life for the better

This theme plays on the part of your boyfriend that wants to have a positive effect on your life. He wants to matter to you, so let him know how he has influenced your life in positive ways. For example, maybe you admire his love of reading or the way he stands up to injustices. Whatever it is – think of those traits that you admire in your boyfriend and that you have therefore tried to emulate out of that admiration. Show him how knowing him has changed your life for the better. He will be flattered and end up feeling closer to you.

5. You get me excited

This theme is always a winner. While you should avoid coming on too strong in your letter in a sexual manner, let him know how much just being around him turns you on. Focus on the feelings of physical attraction you harbor for your boyfriend and on how excited you get when the two of you are together. No man will tire of hearing these words.

Choose one of these 5 themes for your love letters to your boyfriend from the datinggrp review. Your letter is sure to speak to him in a way that will win over his heart.

Writing the Perfect Love Poem – Love Letters to Write to a Boyfriend

Writing a poem may be a huge challenge to those that have never done it before or even for those that have, but feel that it may not be powerful enough. What should be in a romantic love poem? What words should I use and how will I put it?

The beauty of a poem is that it does not necessarily have to rhyme. It can be whatever you want it to be, as long as you are completely honest. Describe in the poem the feeling you get every time you see her face, how you heart pounds when she walks into the room, how every smile she gives you reminds you of a sunset. It all boils down to your own emotions. Try to be as vivid as possible and read it over and over until you feel that you are satisfied with what you wrote and put yourself into your partner’s shoes and think if this would make your day if you got a similar poem.

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Should you feel that your poem’s words are dull and flat, and then the perfect program for you would be Microsoft Word? Like most of you know, by right-clicking on a word and scrolling to synonym, you might find a word that will fit perfectly and best describe what you are feeling.

Doing some research and finding poems that are related to what you are writing about may well help you in your quest and give you some great ideas and understanding of what love poems are really about. You may also read some romantic novels to give you a better idea and vocabulary to impress the one you love.

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