How to Flirt Well: A Woman’s Advice For Men

How to Flirt Well, Asking women questions makes it easier to understand them. This is also the same way that these flirting tips were put together. Many of their commonalities have been brought together to help you address them effectively . Even if the girl says “no” to you, these tips will at least earn you some respect. Indeed, everyone knows how women treat heavy flirts in the street, in clubs…

Approach it First with the Eyes

Why attract with the eyes? This can make flirting a little more subtle . You create a bit of mystery before you come talk to her and that can be very beneficial. At the same time, you send her a message informing her of your interest in her. You can then know from there if she wants to be approached or not.

The gaze creates a connection between you. This is already a good way to break the ice which can facilitate verbal exchange.

How to proceed? Place yourself in the field of vision of the pretty girl you are attracted to. Look in her direction without staring. When she looks at you, avoid turning away: assume that you are looking at her. Be careful of the perverse gaze that is too insistent. It can make you look weird and scare her away. If she is embarrassed by your gaze, stop observing her and move on.

Stop thinking that when you’ve made first eye contact, the girl is hooked. Flirting with the gaze is only the first step in flirting. You have to make sure that she has noticed you and that it is you she is looking at Anastasiadate (not someone behind you).

Normally, a person smells when you look at them. If she smiles at you (a big smile), it’s a good sign, you can approach. If, on the contrary, she looks away, it’s a bad start: it’s up to you to see if you still want to risk it.

How to Flirt Well A Woman's Advice For Men

Avoid Catch Phrases – How to Flirt Well

“You have beautiful eyes, you know”, “you have very comfortable buttocks”, “I need a mouth to mouth, because I just drowned in your gaze”… There are others used by the heavy hitters that women often encounter on the street. All women are tired of hearing these ready-made phrases . There are also those that begin with “Your father…” or “Hey miss…”

Instead, you can just start with a presentation , it’s less cumbersome. Example: “Hi, I’m… and you? “. Be careful, this technique is still quite crude, you have to be as YourLatinMates normal as possible so as not to scare the girl . Add a nice smile to compensate for this brutality.

Use a little of your creativity, be a little original . For example, you can start with “Do you agree that… (one hot topic of your choice)”. Or: “Hi! Can I cross the barrier between you and the world to come and talk to you? “. Or: “I haven’t been here for a while, they changed the…?

Women like to help and give advice . You can then ask him for help in directing you to the metro, the bus stop or another place. You can also choose another approach phrase that leads to a discussion. The idea of ​​exploiting the place where you are is also very original for engaging in conversation.

Make Her Feel Beautiful Without Overdoing It

A woman can go out with a man for the sole reason that she feels beautiful, unique and above all appreciated with him. You need to give him a fair, attractive, and intelligent compliment . You must be sincere and honest . Be less focused on her appearance , because a woman often hears this type of compliment.

To succeed in a flirt, forget them: “you are beautiful”, “you have a beautiful body”, a nice size”… She may believe that you are one of those many men who flirt with her just for her body and her beauty. .

Here is a small list of compliments to inspire you:

  • “I find you interesting. »
  • “I really like your way of thinking, I like you. »
  • “You are different from other girls. »
  • “I’ve always found you pretty, but I didn’t know you had so much depth…”

These are just suggestions, you can look for others or choose one that you can use at the right time. Avoid putting the girl on a pedestal at all costs , it can also hurt you. Too much kindness and compliments can have the opposite effect .

In flirting, like in picking up, you are playing a game. If you show too much interest in the girl, you are showing her that you are won over. Which means the game is over before it even started.

Avoid Asking Boring and Predictable Questions – How to Flirt Well

A pretty girl can be flirted with several times a day, whether in the street, in a nightclub, on social networks… Most of the men who flirt with her always ask her about the same subjects. Pretty girls get tired of answering them every time, which can lead them to push their flirty guys away.

What are these boat questions? There is the famous:

  • ” Where do you come from ? »
  • ” How old are you ? »
  • ” What do you do in life ? »
  • ” What’s your kind of music ? » …

If you want a girl’s attention, then you need to stand out . The dredge is not a way to know all the information about a person. You can get to know her by going out with her a few times . If she finds you likeable, she will reveal herself over time.

Make Her Laugh – How to Flirt Well

First, forget the expression “woman who half laughs in your bed”. Besides, women hate her. If a woman is laughing, it could just mean she finds your joke amusing, nothing more. She may find you likeable without being conquered.

Second, making a woman laugh requires skill. It is actually a question of transmitting positive emotions to him . This can create a bond and an intimate relationship between you . In order to win her over, you need to know how to make her laugh in an exciting way. She must feel your intelligence, your masculinity and your dominant character in your humor.

Third, forget overly heavy jokes . It’s not about making you look like a clown either. She needs to stay comfortable with you throughout your conversation.

Fourth, the secret to making a girl laugh easily is a lag. To do so, you must then shift it: break the seriousness by being abnormal in a context . For example, you can accuse her in a playful way, not believe what she tells you… In any case, she must understand that you are teasing her and that you are playing with her . She will then laugh at the situation you put her in.


Speak slowly and keep calm , the girl can sense your stress. Act like an alpha male who speaks slowly and others listen. It is normal for a man to intrigue by a woman’s beauty, for fear of not deserving her. Whether you are beautiful or less beautiful, keep self-confidence .

Remember that coming to her is already an act of great courage on your part . Indeed, few men manage to approach without stress a beautiful woman who attracts them. Optimism and confidence are more than enough to successfully start a conversation with her.

If she feels you’re shy and stressed, it may make her want to talk to you. On the other hand, if you speak normally while being very relaxed, you can gain his attention. She reassured in your presence.

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Accept Defeat, Avoid Insisting – How to Flirt Well

The seduction game is exactly like all games, where there is a loser and a winner. You should then expect a “no” from the girl at all times . You should already expect rejection from him at first sight.

The thing that girls hate the most is the man who insists and does not know how to let go. You will make yourself look like a heavy man by insisting on talking to him.

Some girls don’t say no directly so as not to hurt their flirty. You have to be able to read their body language . She feels uncomfortable or just doesn’t want flirted with when:

  • Looks away as she talks to you.
  • Seems bored talking to you.

If this is the case with your interlocutor, say goodbye to her while remaining polite and always keeping a smile .

If you get a positive reaction from the girl, you still have to let her breathe . Take her number to set up the first date and go. Leaving a mystery behind makes her want to see you again .

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