FOREIGNERS WHEN MEETING ONLINE. Based on her attitude, a woman creates her own image. What image do you create when communicating with a man? Look at yourself through the eyes of your interlocutor. How attractive is your image, what feelings and Emotions does it evoke? A woman broadcasts her image as a sense of self and a man reacts to this image in one way or another. What are you broadcasting?

What kind of men do you prefer? Choose 10, or more, qualities of a man that attract you, or rather, what qualities you would like to see in your chosen one.

For Example:

  • wealthy (wealthy);
  • generous;
  • generous;
  • strong-willed;
  • smart;
  • with a sense of humor;
  • courageous;
  • decent;
  • Kind;
  • sincere;
  • reliable;
  • beautiful;
  • family oriented;
  • neat;
  • noble;
  • open;
  • sincere;
  • emotional;
  • happy;
  • practical;
  • hardworking;
  • reasonable;
  • reasonable;
  • spontaneous;
  • self-confident;
  • self-sufficient;
  • adventurous;
  • educated;
  • authoritarian;
  • purposeful;
  • successful;
  • prosperous;
  • sports;
  • without bad habits;
  • gentle;

If you don’t find the qualities that impress you, you can write them yourself. You are ready?

You received a kind of answer – with what set of qualities you want to appear in front of a man, or you, in fact, painted your portrait, or rather, your selection of qualities. These qualities, as in a mirror, reflect your requirements for yourself, your vision of yourself. To meet a man with such a set of qualities, you yourself must possess them. According to the law of attraction, we attract people similar to ourselves. “Like to Like”. To attract the king of your dreams, you must become the queen yourself.

If you are cheerful, good-natured, enjoy every day of life, are easy-going, easy-going in Relationships (in the sense that you are not a ballast in relationships), then being on this wave, you have a high probability of meeting a person who is similar to you in something or with the same attitude. You can also meet others, since the worldview of the joy of life is very attractive to people, but these others, dull and gloomy, will quickly leave, “fall off” … Although they will receive a breath of freshness and lightness from you. This is a kind of communication when an understanding of inconsistency comes immediately and is evident at the first contact.



The image of the “snow queen”

“Freezing” in communication, closeness, emphasized unwillingness to do anything for the relationship, a false belief that beauty and impregnability will lead to the desired results. It seems that only a man is interested in finding his queen…

The image of the princess “Nesmeyany”

Women of this image, at the first contact, declare that they are only interested in a serious relationship, and thus, to some extent, cut off the contact. At the first contact, a man gets acquainted, looks closely, he is not ready for the dictation of the requirements of a lady, a man should feel free to choose, he wants to enjoy the process of communication, and not be “backed to the wall” by the seriousness of intentions. When acquaintances take place in real life, you don’t ask at the moment of acquaintance about the seriousness of your counterpart’s intentions, do you? Why are you doing this on an international dating site like triptogether.com You are taking away your chance to meet a worthy man.

The image of a mercantile person – FOREIGNERS WHEN MEETING ONLINE

Women of this image find ways to indicate their material claims. All communication comes down to requests and hints, for example, a toothache, but there is no money for treatment or an old phone that interferes with communication with a man in instant messengers, a new phone is needed, etc. A woman says with her requests – “I only need money” . Greed is always easily recognizable. She lies on the surface and has nothing to do with finding her soul mate…

The image of a windy fickle person

A woman creates this image if she allows herself inconstancy in communication. She promised to write – she didn’t write, she promised to call – she didn’t call … Empty promises make a man think that this person is not interested in communicating with him. And thus the conversation ends. The strangest thing about this is that some women do this, wanting to intrigue a man, to kindle the “hunter instinct”. The situation of online dating on an international site forms other rules of communication, one of which is constancy in communication, as a sign of seriousness of intentions .

The image of a helpless person

A woman sees a man as the solution to all her problems. A man can be impressed by the role of “knight – savior.” Some sites Triptogether. Then he gets tired of this role. And then the helplessness of a woman is interpreted as immaturity, and the harmony of relations arises only between mature people.

FOREIGNERS WHEN MEETING ONLINE – The image of a woman in the process

Here we are talking about women who broke up recently and are in the process of comprehending former relationships. They are not yet ready for a new relationship. When communicating with them, the theme of the former partner constantly appears. The story about him is usually accompanied by unflattering epithets and the man understands that they can talk about him in the same spirit. The topic of former lovers is a kind of taboo in new relationships. You can afford to indicate the reason for the separation in general delicate tones, but no more. In no case should you throw mud at your ex-partner. By doing this, you will harm yourself. Your interlocutor will see you with different eyes.

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