A Relationship is Like Coming Home After a Long Journey

Relationship Recently, my girlfriend opened the season for autumn colds. She had a runny nose, a fever and a ban on getting out of bed which she readily ignored. I, in turn, was forbidden to approach her, which I ignored just as eagerly. Eventually she recovered and went to training, and I fell ill and stayed home.

Of course, I would not be myself if I had not decided to use this time constructively, so I made myself a cocoa, went to bed and turned on “Orange is the new black” without remorse, SharekAlomre.com knowing that it would not end in one episode.

The series was based on the novel “Girls from Danbury”, and I always give everything that was based on the novel a big plus. It tells the story of a woman who was supposed to get married, but instead went to jail for a one-off drug smuggling, and although this is not a series that will be of any use to me, because I do not have much chance to do so, I have the impression that somewhere between the lines teaches me a lot about life. Usually about a life I will never know, but sometimes there are exceptions.

For example, there was an episode where SharekAlomre the prison celebrated Valentine’s Day, and everyone answered the question:
“What is love?”
At the end, the main character says:

A Relationship is Like Coming Home After a Long Journey

Love is like coming home after a long journey.

I don’t know if that’s what love is, but these are the words that would describe a relationship. Not the one you are in, because you notice wrinkles, you get fed up with family grumbling, or you mistake it for longing, excitement and belly butterflies. You can experience it three times a week, always with another woman, and after those butterflies in your stomach, the only entry will be: Kasia, Opera, attorney’s apprenticeship, brunette .

Meanwhile, comparing the relationship to going home hits the nail on the head of a good relationship.

A relationship is like coming home after a long journey because you walk in there and you feel. Like you are in a place where you can put on your stretched hoodie. Stretch out on the couch, feel at ease and stop pretending to be just better-mannered, more intelligent. And more successful. than it actually is. You come back to it, because only there you feel good. You like its atmosphere. The smell of basil, fresh bread, brewed coffee and fried omelette. That you won’t get even in the best hotel. Being in it is not an obligation.

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Home is the place you want to be, and when you open the door to it, you feel that you are in the right place. And such a house does not have to be the best. Largest or most expensive place you have ever been, but it is the only place where you feel joyful peace,

And if you are getting back to the person you are with this way, you can only say one thing: “I’m lucky.”

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