8 Secrets of Happy Couples In Relationship

8 Secrets of Happy Couples In Relationship Are there any secrets to success for happy couples? Of course, it depends on them, but according to experts and scientists, there are some small habits that “help” a couple to save their relationship from the routine of everyday life.

As the marriage counselor and author of the book ” How to Be a Couple and Still Be Free “,  Tina Tessina, writes,  a happy relationship must be nourished daily in TripTogether.com with small or large “rituals”. It complements how important it is to strengthen our relationship with positive energy and to remind our partner how happy we are to share our life with him. This can act as a protective web for the relationship….

Tessina’s experience as a marriage counselor, which is also reflected as research in her book above, says that there are at least four – jokes? excessive? embarrassing?- habits, which most happy couples employ almost every day. Another marriage counselor, the American Mark Goulston, confirms this. Read and they may help you…

They Talk to Each Other…

Obviously they talk, but what we mean is that they find time to tell each other how their day was at work, what happened to them, how they feel. Some will wonder “where do they find the time?”. Ms. Tessina brings as an example a couple of her clients, who use to tell the “news of the day” every night in their private “igloo”, which is nothing more than their bed with its covers. They started this habit years ago, one night when the wife came home very sad from work and lay in her partner’s arms.

She started talking to him about how she saw her evil colleagues as polar bears who wanted to hurt her, and that’s how their bed was established as the “igloo” that would always protect them from the “polar bears.” Of course, says Ms. Tessina, the couple doesn’t need to find a big piece of furniture and give it a cute name to improve communication between them.

Other couples, for example, simply talk while walking the dog in the evening. The message that the above example is intended to convey is that the couple should take some time every day to remind each other why they chose to be together. There are countless ways to do this. Tessina also talks in her book about another couple, who don’t wait until the evening to talk. They call countless times during the day to tell various news. “It might sound excessive,” says Tessina, “but if after ten years of marriage you still want to talk to your partner so many times a day, that’s saying something.

8 Secrets of Happy Couples In Relationship

They Have Sex – Couples In Relationship

When we were younger, and maybe we viewed marriage more romantically. We thought that when we got married we would have sex every day (then we grew up). But why not have sex every day? Okay, we don’t mean that happy couples necessarily have sex every day. But they definitely do more TripTogether Scam often than unhappy couples, and definitely more than once a week. And if they don’t have sex, they certainly share tender moments every day. Often erotic ones. “Talking romantically – or even lewdly – with your partner, hugging and kissing. Often, is almost the same as having sex,” says Tessina. The couples who agree with her even claim. That when the desired moment of sex finally comes, then it is even more intense and more enjoyable.

They are Playing – Couples In Relationship

This can be translate simply as playing with each other, either literally or figuratively. And it can also be translated as shared occupations, shared hobbies. “Even watching a series together on TV or playing board games once in a while is a sign of a healthy Relationship,” Tessina explains, but emphasizes that “this does not mean. However, that these little ‘rituals’ should become routine or by force, because then they lose their meaning”.

They Do Things on Their Own – Couples In Relationship

In continuation of the above, Tessina also contrasts. The importance of leaving room for each other for personal development and interests. It is not possible for both of them to always like the same things. Have the same hobbies. For many couples, having separate activities provides. A breath of fresh air in the relationship. A client of the marriage counselor, for example. Emphasizes that “going out often, being away for a few hours, and then coming back into each other’s arms. Helps keep us from going ‘crazy’ and getting on each other’s nerves.” . And getting on each other’s nerves is not an element of a happy couple.

They Go to Bed Together

This particular observation-advice comes from the American psychologist-marriage counselor Mark Goulston. Who invites couples to remember. The first time of their cohabitation: “Do you remember the first time you couldn’t wait to go to bed to make love? “Happy couples avoid going to bed at different times. Even if they have to wake up separately.”

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They Walk Together – Couples In Relationship

Either hand in hand or even side by side, because, as Mr. Goulston says. They feel it is important to see the same things or talk as they walk.

They Trust and Forgive Each Other

In cases where they have a disagreement or fight about something. Even if they struggle to find a solution, happy couples tend to trust each other’s judgment and forgive. Their mistakes, instead of blaming and doubting them. At least that’s what Goulston’s experience says.

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