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They are Fraudulent

Save your money and time. They are Fraudulent and scam you.

lepperch - February 8, 2021
Very fake e-mails

Very fake e-mails from robot women. What a joke! I paid real money to communicate with fake profiles. I contacted the BBB for my money back. The problem was solved satisfactory. Thank you Better Busin…. More

matines53 - February 8, 2021
They steel your money

The worst dating site ever. They steel your money.

kataa53 - February 7, 2021
Terrible in all

Terrible in all regards, up charges , no phone number, freezes my new iPad, sucks on selection, etc

cchelso27el - February 7, 2021
I would not recommend

This is an automated app and sends bs. The site sucks. I would not recommend.

ikaristudio0p - February 6, 2021
No support

No support, no singles, same faces always, a total rip. good luck all, they are taking advantage of virus, scumbags!

waibrever0o - February 6, 2021
Seems like a waste of time

Seems like a waste of time – and potentially a waste of money too.

abitantedn - February 5, 2021

Terrible, in all that matters, go free sites, much better.

cantina48 - February 5, 2021

DONT GIVE MONEY. Fake views lead you on into buying a subscription and add ons, so that you can message others and they can message you.

gudrino4x - February 4, 2021
Worst dating site EVER

Worst dating site EVER. Full of FAKE Profiles. Profiles manipulate their location, say they are in your city only to view their pic with them advertising a phone # from another country.

gumbadwn - February 4, 2021

SCAM ALERT! I bet this is owned by POF or another bigger company. The SPAM will NOT stop! They email you FAKE messages from FAKE users! And then you have to subsribe/PAY to read messages! It is such a…. More

bellennonqf - February 4, 2021
This is a total scam

This is a total scam. I paid to join because the profile I put up received messages indicating interest from reasonably attractive females. After I paid I found out they had never sent the message.

sigurvininn - February 3, 2021